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Feed a family in India

Feed a family in India

Hunger and malnutrition are major problems in India, with millions of people struggling to access enough food to meet their daily needs. Poverty, unequal distribution of resources, and lack of infrastructure are some of the main causes of starvation in the country. Children are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition, which can have lifelong effects on their physical and cognitive development.

The Imam Hasan Foundation are looking at providing meals to families to address hunger. By working together to purchase coupons to feed families will ensure everyone has access to enough nutritious food to meet their daily needs.

One coupon equals $45.00 – which will feed one family.

These families are provided with a Mahe Ramadhan Food basket every year which contains normal grocery items which are used in preparation of meals like Rice, wheat, oil, dates, sugar, salt, tea, vermicilli, jam, syrup etc. This food basket contains enough grocery to sustain a family of 5 for an entire month. Each food basket will cost INR 2,500 (AUD 44).

All fund received will be used to fulfil the specified appeal described, in the event we receive more fund than required, or due to circumstances beyond our control the funds will utilised towards a similar appeal as described.