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For nearly half a century, the Imam Sadr Foundation has worked to improve the lives of tens of thousands of men and women throughout Lebanon. Whether in providing easily accessible health services for families assailed by the fallout of war, empowering women and orphans through occupational training programs and educational facilities, or creating strategic partnerships with political and social development organizations, Imam Sadr Foundation remains dedicated to its original aspirations. As Imam Sadr once said, “Lebanon is our country. It is a country which considers Man to be the first and last asset, and that he should be adequately maintained.”

Inspired by the developmental and humanitarian vision of Imam As-Sadr, the Imam Sadr Foundation aspires to be a leader in the empowerment of Lebanese women and in guaranteeing the basic and social rights of the vulnerable by delivering services to those most in need, in innovative and advanced ways.
The Imam Sadr Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization launched in the early 1960s. It strives in its interventions towards a just society, free from ignorance, poverty, and illness, where everyone enjoys equal access, where the contributions of the capable respond to the needs and aspirations of the disadvantaged in a climate of dialogue based on participation and confidence in oneself and in others. The foundation is characterized by its social, cultural, and health interventions in the underserved areas of southern Lebanon and its delivery of services to remote areas through a network of permanent health and social care centers and mobile clinics. The foundation’s response has proved to be highly effective in times of crisis.

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