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Kaffarah is $129.00 AUD per missed day. Each coupon is for 1 day – if missed 3 fasts select 3 coupons. (2023)



The Kaffarah for breaking a fast (iftar) unlawfully in the month of Ramadan is that the person must free a slave, or fast for two months in accordance with the instructions that will be mentioned in the next ruling, or feed sixty poor people (fuqara) or give each of them a mudd – which is approximately 750 grams – of food, i.e. wheat, barley, bread, and suchlike. In the event that none of these is possible for the person, he must give charity to the extent that he can. If this is not possible either, he must seek forgiveness from Allah the Exalted; and the obligatory precaution is that he must give kaffārah whenever he can.