Current appeals

Salaam Alaykum, In 2019 you generosity raised $750,000 for Lebanon. Today Lebanon is suffering greatly from the currency devaluation. A person was earning the equivalent of US$1200 per month – now after the huge devaluation the it is only the equivalent of $100. This is making life impossible. Every $$ you give makes 10 times […]

We have been requested to purchase a container load – 237 pieces of the larger 10L Oxygen Concentrators to be shipped to Tanzania urgently.

Saturday July 24th | 7:00pm. – EID-e-Ghadeer

Providing better facilities for the students in a very impoverished area of Afghanistan…

A massive spike in COVID-19 infections in India is claiming thousands of lives and devastating vulnerable families.

India is in facing a crisis and our communities are being left behind to fend for themselves. They are in desperate need for medical supplies especially OXYGEN.

Soon the orphans of kufa will lose the shadow of their father

The environment, unpredictable weather patterns and natural disasters mean many parts of the world don’t have a stable source…

For the past six years, the people of Yemen have been suffering. They are facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis ever. The coronavirus pandemic is adding to their suffering, putting millions at risk.