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$10 makes change.

Mohammed Ndago, a beneficiary of the program, shared his joy: “I felt torn apart and left out as a Simba SC fan when I was blind, not knowing who scored the goal when people were cheering, but now I can join in the celebrations and watch the match together.”

Hadija Shemdoe,120, a resident of Memba Village, expressed her gratitude: “I experienced total darkness for the past weeks before the surgeries, but now I can see the world again, clear skies and clouds.”

Jessica Frank, 65, from Mchungwani Village, also spoke about her transformation: “My eye was infected so much that it reached a point I couldn’t see my own children, but now I can see and am excited to go home again to farm and cook as I can see. Mo Dewji has helped us and we have become humans again, capable of doing our day to day activities.”


9 out of 10 people suffering from blindness in Africa can have their eyesight restored. Simply most of the blindness is caused by the lack of quality health care. $10 can make a difference and give sight. Your contribution will allow the eye camps to perform simple but urgently required checks and perform operations to restore sight.

I believe the basic attribute of mankind is to look
after each other, and that’s what makes humans
look after other humans when they are in need.

– Fred Hollows