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Gaza Palestine – Humanitarian relief

Gaza Palestine – Humanitarian relief

Imam Hasan Foundation has been able to organise a trusted process of delivering funds to those most in need in the Gaza, working through the WF-AID (UK) partnering with UNRWA We apologies it has taken time to launch this appeal however we had to ensure we could get the funds to right places.

We have all been seeing the images of the devastation and the humanitarian disaster happening in GAZA.

We condemn attacks against innocent people whoever and wherever they are. The blockade of humanitarian necessities and the act of “collective punishment” is simply unacceptable.

If for reasons beyond our control the funds are not able to reach the right places, the funds will be used for similar relief projects in a similar way.


Update 1-11-2023


Here is a video showing your donations being distributed in the heart of Gaza.

Your generous donations is a hope amidst despair.


Share this video widely.